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  • About me


    I have been studying/working in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy since 2003.  During this time it has become increasingly apparent to me that there is a deep need in each of us to relate to others in ways that feel truly authentic and fulfilling. My approach as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist is grounded in a humanistic perspective and I believe that therapy can be a place where each unique client is provided with an opportunity to experience what relating in this way might be like.

    The depth and authenticity within the therapeutic relationship facilitates an environment within which the client may get to know their true nature, while safely exploring and gaining understanding of how they interact in in the world around them. Many challenging issues give us reason to consider seeking some professional support as we learn to develop coping mechanisms, reduce stress levels, increase personal empowerment and work towards feeling more balance and fulfilment in our life.

    I believe it is my role as a therapist to accompany each client on their journey and to be alongside them as they discover the possibilities within.