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  • What is Psychotherapy

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    What to expect

    Psychotherapy is primarily a collaborative arrangement between therapist and client. A space is created whereby the client can explore whatever it is that they are struggling with, while in a supportive relationship with a qualified therapist.

    What happens?

    Counselling/Psychotherapy allows the client to safely explore their own life experience, while encouraging a broadening of self-awareness throughout the process.  In this way the client is provided with the opportunity to get to know him/herself on a deeper level, which in turn can provide relief from the challenges presented in life.

    Is therapy for me?

    People decide to find a psychotherapist for various reasons, but often it is because they are suffering in some way.  Difficult life experiences such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, abuse, trauma, sexuality, divorce, redundancy are but a few of the issues that make people feel like they need some professional help and support. Whatever the struggle is, talking can help the client to get to know it on a deeper level, which can make it feel more manageable and less overwhelming.

    What is my role as a client?

    Each session lasts for 1 hour and a weekly time that suits both client and therapist can be arranged. The therapist will maintain a respectful and supportive role within the relationship as the client moves within their own level of comfort. The amount of sessions required is ultimately the decision of the client and this commitment can be reviewed regularly throughout the therapy.